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PX4 is an open-source, open-hardware project with the goal of becoming the best and most popular high-end autopilot to the industrial, academic and enthusiast communities (BSD licensed). As part of the Linux Foundation DroneCode project we're well on the way to achieving this vision.

We're part of Dronecode

PX4 is part of the Dronecode Project, a shared and collaborative open source project to deliver a complete end-to-end platform for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The platform includes: PX4, MAVLink, and QGroundControl. The code is made available under permissive IP-friendly licences that allow wide reuse without legal risk to companies or academia.

A number of other projects work with the platform including: DroneKit, ROS, FastRTPS, AirSim, Gazebo, and RViz to name a few.


PX4 is supported by the Dronecode members, who are some of the most influential organisations in academia, and industry.

Platinum members are listed below (click to see all members).


Many of PX4’s world-class academic and industry partners have become Dronecode members. We’re working with the others to help them join.

Meet the team

Our team consists of rock star developers from academia and industry, with expertise in technologies including computer vision, robotics, estimation and control and navigation. With drones becoming increasingly complex, well trained and experienced developers are key to manage complexity.

In addition to work by our regular staff, we also see regular contributions from the global dev team of 135+ people.

Lorenz Meier

Project Lead

ETH Zurich

Julian Oes

Architecture & API

PX4 Project

Roman Bapst

Estimation & Control

PX4 Project

Mohammed Kabir

Visual Inertial Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance

PX4 Project

Dennis Mannhart

Flight Control

PX4 Project

Sander Smeets

VTOL & Autonomy


Daniel Agar

Mission Management

Prioria Robotics

Beat Küng

Architecture & Embedded Software

PX4 Project

Matthias Grob

Flight Control

PX4 Project

Donald Gagne


PX4 Community

Paul Riseborough

Estimation & Control


Gus Grubba

MAVLink & Wifi

PX4 Community

Mark Charlebois

Linux Drivers


Mark Whitehorn

VTOL Development

PX4 Community

Bharat Tak



Simon Wilks

Airframe Integration


Andreas Antener

ROS & Middleware


Thomas Gubler

Flight Control

PX4 Community

Shawn Kung

Platform Dev

PX4 Community

David Sidrane

Embedded Software

Sidrane Consulting

Pavel Kirienko


Zubax Robotics

Simone Guscetti

Smart Landing

ETH Zurich

James Goppert

CMake & Estimation


Christoph Tobler

VIO Flight Control

ETH Zurich

Anton Babushkin

Architecture & Control

PX4 Community

Carl Olson

Carl Olson

Anti Collision


Jani Hirvinen

Hardware & Docs

PX4 Community

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Dronecode membership is explained on the Dronecode website.

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