PX4’s modular system architecture is particularly well suited for extensions of the base system, offering everything needed for a cargo use case and the room for customization by the operator.

Leading VTOL Airframe Support

Vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) planes can enable cargo use cases when space for runways is tight and range is important. PX4 pioneered VTOL airplanes and is the first system to offer tailsitter, tilt rotor and quad plane support. The video below shows a completely autonomous mission of a quad delta wing from start, transition to landing.



Humanitarian Cargo

PX4’s project lead, Lorenz Meier, has assisted the Redline project and Lord Norman Foster with a feasibility study on the size and types of cargo drones best suited for the use in Foster’s droneport concept. The Redline project paved the way for Bay Area based startup Zipline for its launch location Rwanda (press release).


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