Commercial Support

Commercial support can be obtained through our development partners. This list is curated by the core dev team and new partners are welcome to contact us.

Consumer Products

Qualcomm is providing the Snapdragon Flight hardware platform with PX4 as reference implementation. Please contact us if you are interested to build a consumer product with our open source solution.

Airframe and Payload Integration

The partners below can help with integrating PX4 with a new airframe or new payload, as well as with customization for controllers or estimators.


UAVenture is a Switzerland based drone technology company and has actively worked with the project for several years.


DronesLab provides custom UAV development and specializes in VTOL and autonomous systems. This Dutch company actively participates in PX4 development.


Dronecrew is a U.S. based consultancy for drone products.

Embedded Software and Hardware


NSCdg is an embedded systems consultancy providing device driver and Real-Time operating system level development services.


AUAV is an autopilot and embedded electronics design company.