The Fun Cub Quad VTOL is a standard tailplane aircraft that has been retrofitted with a quadcopter system. The Fun Cub is a relatively affordable plane that is, in its native state, relatively easy to fly. After the conversion the plane is significantly heavier and significantly less aerodynamic but it still flies quite well, even if it does need around 75% throttle in forward flight.

This HowTo provides some background on how to upgrade the aircraft to a VTOL aircraft, how to configure the autopilot and how to get through your first flights. While it is dealing with the Fun Cub Quad VTOL much of what is outline applies to any tailplane aircraft with either a pusher or puller (aka tractor) motor.

Here is a video of the maiden flight:


  • Multiplex FunCub
  • Iris propulsion set (motors and ESC)
  • Aluminum frame for mounting the quad motors (10x10mm square tube, 1mm wall thickness)
  • 10×4.7 props for quad motors
  • 10×7 prop for fixed-wing motor
  • 4S battery
  • TOW is ~2.3kg with a 4200mAh 4S battery

Wiring and configuration

For instructions on wiring and configurations please refer to the Standard VTOL wiring and configuration page.

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