The QuadRanger VTOL is a standard tailplane aircraft based on the Volantex Ranger-Ex that has been retrofitted with a quadcopter system. The Ranger-Ex is an easy to fly FPV platform that is widely available. It is also available from HobbyKing where it is rebranded as the Quanum Observer. The plasic fuselage and 2 meter EPO wing makes it a rugged airframe with a lot of payload capacity.


The VTOL conversion makes the plane a bit heavier (around 3.5kg including LiPo). With this conversion the plane will cruise at approximately 65% throttle. The suggested quad setup provides a thrust of 7.5kg and the airframe can fly with a total weight of around 4.5kg. This leaves enough payload capacity for payloads like FPV gear and cameras.

The conversion is designed to minimize impact on the aerodynamics and provide additional strength minimize wing flexing.

Key components

  • Volantex Ranger-Ex or Quanum Observer
  • 1200KV 530W motors
  • 30A Speed Controllers
  • 4s battery
  • APC Electric 11×5 propellers

Building the QuadRanger

The VTOL can be built with minimal modeling skills. For a full instruction please refer to the QuadRanger VTOL build instruction. This includes a parts list with links and a video with a step by step guide of the conversion.

QuadRanger conversion tools


Wiring and configuration

For instructions on wiring and configurations please refer to the Standard VTOL wiring and configuration page.

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