The PX4 software project powers industrial controllers that run on the world’s leading drones.

Snapdragon Flight Controller


The Snapdragon Flight is a flying smartphone, including inertial sensors, a quad core CPU, a forward-looking 4K camera and a downward-looking monochrome machine vision camera. It also comes with Wifi and Bluetooth.


PixHawk Flight Controller


Pixhawk is the workhorse of the drone world and the de-facto standard powering dozens of drone startups. It is focused on the pure flight controls and offers abundant connectivity. A next generation of it with Wifi included will be available shortly.

PixRacer Flight Controller

pixracer weiß

Pixracer is a next-generation, highly integrated variant of Pixhawk, reduced to the bare minimum required for competitive racing with drones. It adds Wifi as a convenient configuration and upgrade interface.

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