Sapog is an advanced open source ESC firmware for electric aircraft. Sapog is primarily targeted for professional and industrial applications that require high performance and reliability. The permissive BSD license of the project allows its wide reuse without any legal risk to companies or academia reusing it.

The project documentation is hosted at the Zubax Docs website; the source repository and the bug tracker are located on GitHub.


This section lists commercially available hardware based on the PX4 Sapog firmware.

Zubax Orel 20zubax_orel_20

Zubax Orel 20 is an advanced motor controller (ESC) with doubly redundant CAN bus interface designed for unmanned aerial vehicles. It is rated for 9~18 V (3~4 S LiPo) at 20 A. Learn more at the Zubax website, purchase from TitanElite, Inc.

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