PX4 is easy to use and easy to configure and offers a consistent user interface experience across mobile and desktop.

Simple Setup

We have taken all the complexity out of the system setup and flight mode configuration.

Airframe Setup

PX4 comes with pre-made configurations for common airframes.


Flight Mode Setup and Joysticks

Flight modes are easy to configure and pure joystick / tablet operation without any radio control is supported out of the box. It supports common popular flight modes.


Simple Flight Operation

PX4 supports Desktop and Mobile (all: Android, iOS, Win, Mac, Linux) and uses QGroundControl for all platforms. It connects conveniently via Wifi (Pixracer and newer).

Consistent Flight Modes

No matter if flying a multicopter, a plane or a VTOL vehicle: Our flight modes are always the same and make sense for each platform.

  • Manual
  • Attitude Stabilized
  • Guided / Position or Altitude Control
  • Racing (Rate or Rattitude Control)
  • Autonomous Missions (including payload control)
  • Offboard Control from an onboard computer (Dronekit / ROS)

Convenient Mission Planning

Missions can be planned convenient on the desktop or tablet.


Digital Video Streaming

PX4 and QGroundControl support digital video streaming out of the box on Linux platforms.


Simple Customization

PX4 can be customized just using a few sliders – or by diving all the way down into the full parameter configuration.

Simple Tuning Sliders


Power User Parameter Editor

The fully fledged parameter editor assists users with additional context information and groups parameters conveniently.


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