PX4 is used in a wide range of use-cases, from consumer drones to industrial applications. It is also the leading research platform for drones and has been successfully applied to under water vehicles and boats.

For PX4 users

This guide provides an overview of the software, including flight modes and features provided by the flight stack. It also presents and dives into how to setup supported hardware such as flight controllers, airframes/vehicles, telemetry systems, RC control systems.

For PX4 developers

This guide is for software developers who want to modify the flight stack and middleware (e.g. to add new flight modes), hardware integrators who want to make new flight controller boards and peripherals, and anyone who wants to add a new (unsupported) airframe/vehicle.

Getting Started With PX4

I already have a PX4 powered vehicle and I just want to fly

  • Basic Configuration explains how to update your firmware to the latest version, calibrate the main sensors (compass, gyro/IMU, airspeed etc.), and setup your remote control and safety features.
  • Flying teaches flight essentials, including where and how to fly safely, and how to debug arming and flight issues. It also provides detailed information about flight modes.

I want to build a PX4 powered vehicle from scratch

  • Choose a frame – Airframe Builds lists the supported frames and provides detailed instructions for how to construct a subset of vehicles.
  • Choose a flight controller – see Getting Started > Flight Controllers and Autopilot Hardware.
  • Assembly explains how to wire up the important peripherals to your autopilot.
  • Basic Configuration shows how to update your firmware and configure it with settings appropriate for your airframe. This section also explains how to calibrate the main sensors (compass, gyro/IMU, airspeed etc.), and setup your remote control and safety features.
  • Once you are ready to fly your vehicle, visit the Flying section.

I am modifying a PX4 based vehicle

  • Modifications of the flight controller and basic sensors are covered above. In order to use new sensors, or if you have made changes that significantly affect flight characteristics:
  • Peripheral Hardware provides additional information about using external sensors.
  • Basic Configuration explains how to calibrate the main sensors.
  • Advanced Configuration should be used to re/fine-tune the airframe.

I want to run PX4 on new hardware and extend the platform

  • PX4 Developer Guide explains how to modify flight algorithms, add new modes, integrate new hardware, communicate with PX4 from outside the flight controller, and contribute to PX4.
  • Adding a feature to PX4 follows a defined workflow. In order to share your contributions on PX4, you can follow this example.