Pixhawk ® 4 now shipping globally!

By June 26, 2018Announcements
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Pixhawk ® 4 – by Dronecode members Holybro & Auterion.

As announced earlier this year, Pixhawk 4 is now available for purchase directly through our member Holybro, in both plastic and aluminum case versions. Pixhawk 4 is the latest update to the Pixhawk family of flight controllers and the first based on the FMUv5 standard.

We’d like to thank all the developers who participated in the beta launch program for providing feedback on the product and user experience. The community gave valuable input such as where they’d like to see the hardware being available for purchase, and we’re making an effort to ensure that the hardware becoming more ubiquitous on the market, so more developers around the world can have an easy access to the tools they need to create and innovate! Join the #pixhawk4 slack channel for more discussions and suggestions.

PX4 v1.8.0 Ready

Pixhawk 4® ships with PX4 v1.8.0 pre-installed, the latest release of PX4 added support for the Pixhawk 4, Pixhawk 4 mini (coming soon) and the Pixhack v5 (coming soon) boards based on the FMUv5 standard, this PX4 version features VIO, Obstacle Avoidance as well as many performance improvements. Read more on the PX4 v1.8.0 release here.

Introducing the new Pixhawk.org site

The team behind Pixhawk just launched a revamped website experience featuring all of the Pixhawk products, a single placeholder for everything Pixhawk, from news to docs. The team is looking for use cases and user stories like yours to share with the community, if you would like to participate please share your story on our discussion forum and it will be featured on both the Pixhawk site and Dronecode blog.

Visit pixhawk.org today and let us know what you think.

The Autonomous Robot Challenge

Supporting this launch, our member Arm has a new “Autonomous Robot Challenge” where they feature Pixhawk 4 as a valid platform for the challenge.

Hackster & Dronecode member Arm are inviting innovators from the Dronecode community to participate in this new challenge –  building autonomous machines to push the limits of what low-cost, open-source hardware and deep learning on the edge can do for humanity. Thousands of dollars in the form of cool hardware are given away as prizes! If you are interested in participating in this exciting contest, join the #hackster channel on our Slack.

Note: you can join our Slack community for free today by signing up here.

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