PX4 is an open source flight control software that powers any vehicle from flying drones to ground vehicles.

The collaborative project is participated by industry and academic from worldwide. It enables developers create custom drone operating systems with a flexible core. Whether running a racing drone or a drone fleet, PX4 can be customized and tailored to fit your need. Along with other tools from Dronecode stack, a complete end-to-end UAV platform can be built with an IP-friendly permissive BSD license.
The project provides a flexible set of tools for drone developers to share technologies to create tailored solutions for drone applications. PX4 provides a standard to deliver drone hardware support and software stack, allowing an ecosystem to build and maintain hardware and software in a scalable way.
Historically, PX4 grew from the PIXHAWK project at ETH Zurich, which the PIXHAWK MAV was specifically designed to be a research platform for computer vision based flight control. The project now counts more than 300 global contributors and is used by some of the world’s most-innovative companies, across a wide range of drone industry applications. The open source community around the Pixhawk open autopilot hardware and the PX4 flight stack is the largest industry-backed development community in the drone space today.
PX4 is part of Dronecode, a non-profit organization administered by Linux Foundation to foster the use of open source software on flying vehicles. Dronecode also hosts QGroundControl, MAVLink & the SDK.

Open Source

IP-friendly permissive BSD license. Use code as-is or customise in any way you like.

Full stack

The core of a complete end-to-end UAV platform.


One code base for all vehicle types: VTOL, fixed-wing, multi-copter, ground vehicles

World Class Devs

The best from academia, industry, and agile startups


Unrivaled membership from across the UAV industry


An active community supporting users and developers across the flight stack.

“Powered by PX4” Portfolio

AeroSense Aerobo AS-MC02-P

FlightWave Edge

Airlango Mystic

Yuneec Typhoon H Plus

Yuneec Mantis Q

Yuneec H520 Hexacopter

AeroSense VTOL

DJI Flamewheel 450

Falcon Vertigo Hybrid VTOL

WingtraOne Tailsitter VTOL

Intel® Aero Ready to Fly Drone

Caipirinha Tailsitter

Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight

E-Flite Convergence

QuadRanger VTOL

Wing Wing Z-84

Fun Cub QuadPlane VTOL

Applied Aeronautics Albatross

BirdsEyeView Firefly Y6

Lumenier QAV 250