Pixhawk Standard

A Pixhawk board is developed according to the Pixhawk standard and conforms to the Pixhawk standard requirements. The use of the Pixhawk trademark has been requested and explicit approval. Extensive tests and flight tests are done by the maintainers and Dronecode test team including release updates.

Product Name Manufacturer CPU FMU Standard Binary Doc Purchase
Pixhawk 4 Holybro STM32F765 FMUv5
Pixhawk 4 Mini Holybro STM32F765 FMUv5
Pixhawk 3 Pro Drotek STM32F469 FMUv4 Pro
Pixracer mRo STM32F427VIT6 rev.3 FMUv4
Pixhawk 2 (Cube Black) HEX STM32F427 FMUv3
Pixhawk mRo STM32F427 FMUv3

Manufacturer Supported

Manufactures and PX4 maintainers work together to support these boards. The compatibility of these boards varies, the differences between the Pixhawk standard and the actual hardware binary is supported by the manufacturer.

Product Name Manufacturer Binary Doc
MindRacer Airmind
MindPX Airmind
V5 Nano CUAV
Pixhack v3 CUAV
Dropix Drotek
Kakute F7 Holybro
Durandal Holybro
X2.1 mRo
ControlZero F7 mRo

Experimental & Unsupported

These boards are all boards that don’t fall in the above categories that might be due to the following reasonings:

  • Board is not available in the market anymore
  • Closed source, where any of the necessary tools/libs/drivers/etc needed to add support for a board is deemed incompatible due to licensing restrictions
  • Manufacturer/Owner of hardware violates our CoC

Product Name Manufacturer Binary Doc
Pixhawk Mini 3DR
Pixhawk 1 3DR
BeagleBone Blue BeagleBone
Crazyflie 2.0 Bitcraze
RPI w/Navio2 Emlid
HKPilot32 HobbyKing
Pixfalcon Holybro
Aero Intel
Omnibus F4 SD Omnibus
Snapdragon Flight Qualcomm