The MAVSDK team is happy to make the v0.30 release available to the community.

How to get the Release

You can try the latest release (and older ones) directly from GitHub, you can build the source, or try the pre-built binaries available from GitHub and other familiar sources (package managers) depending on your OS. 

Check-out the Installation Guide on our docs

What’s in v0.30

This release adds support for complex mission importing from QGC, enables better debugging through the STATUSTEXT message, which now supports all the enums included in MAV_SEVERITY. This release also includes support for the Yuneec E30Z payload.

Release Notes

The release also features other enhancements and bugfixes. Click the link below for a full list of changes included in the release.

NOTE: The team found a bug after releasing v0.30.0, and made a new release available v0.30.1

MAVKSD-Python v0.12.0

Also released, the python wrapper library v0.12.0 update comes with full support for the latest v0.30.1 mavsdk-server

Check-out the Installation Guide for the Python library on our docs

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Top Contributing Organizations

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Top Contributing Developers

  • Julien Oes
  • Jonas Vautherin
  • Nicolas Martin
  • Kalyan Sriram
  • Peter Gerten

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the v0.30 release