The MAVSDK team is happy to make the v0.36 release available to the community.

What’s in v0.36

Main feature highlights:

  • More support for gimbal protocol v2
  • A new action to start an orbit
  • Builds for android-x86 and android-x86_64, meaning that the next version of MAVSDK-Java will be able to run MavsdkServer in the Android emulator

Read the full MAVSDK v0.36 Release Notes here

How to get the Release

You can try the latest release directly from GitHub, you can build the source, or try the pre-built binaries available from GitHub and other familiar sources (package managers) depending on your OS. 

Check-out the Installation Guide on our docs here

More Support

  • Join the community at the PX4 Slack, and post in channel #MAVSDK