The second PX4 Developer Summit was virtual and free for everyone. It happened on July 6-7, 2020. The event is designed to bring contributors and industry together in a collaborative environment to share and connect, and to learn about the latest in technologies and developments taking place across the ecosystem.


Full Day 1 View
Keynote: Setting the standards in the drone industry for a decade Lorenz Meier View
Towards a Lightweight Software Architecture for PX4 Computer Vision James Strawson ViewView
Open Source Workflow for Advanced Vehicle Dynamics Simulation Matt Vacanti, Jesse Hoskins View
Flying into virtual: the new reality for aerial educational robotics Andrei Korigodskii, Oleg Kalachev, Aleksei Rogachevskii View
Overview of multicopter control from sensors to motors Mathieu Bresciani, Matthias Grob ViewView
Embedded machine learning in practice Alessandro Grande ViewView
Using PX4 for Educational Satellites: CanSats Abhas Maskey View
Skynode Ready for Liftoff Laurent Zimmerli View
What's up with your battery? Hyon Lim View
What's the difference between a drone and a flying robot? Tully Foote View
Microsoft AirSim: Applications to Research and Industry Ratnesh Madaan View
The BVLOS future of drone software and industry standardization James Howard ViewView
PX4 failsafe testing using MAVSDK Julian Oes View
Simulated Workflows using Software-In-The-Loop Simulations Jaeyoung Lim View
Drones4Energy Inspection Emad Samuel Malki Ebeid View
The Simulator-In-Hardware (SIH), a low cost and hard real time HITL Romain Chiappinelli View
Field Tests of a Novel Swarm Control Framework Kyle Usbeck View
Getting started as a contributor on PX4 Mark West ViewView
Full Day 2 View
Pixhawk : Community Driven Open Standards for Drones Lorenz Meier, Nuno Marques, Michael Schäuble, Alex Klimaj, Peter Van Der Perk View
An SoC-independent and open platform aims to help to standardize high-performance AI-enabled drones Yang Zhang View
Is it a drone? Is it a plane? No, it's Jetman! Julien Lecoeur View
Bringing micro-ROS to PX4-based flying systems Jaime Martin-Losa, Nuno Marques ViewView
Our journey to achieve event-enabled autonomy (3-design choices) Ram Grandhi, Deepak Singh View
Extending MAVSDK with new features Jonas Vautherin View
Automated testing as part of PX4 development Julian Kent ViewView
Control Allocation: reworking the PX4 mixing system Julien Lecoeur, Silvan Fuhrer View
Getting started using UAVCAN v1 with PX4 on the NXP UAVCAN Board Peter Van Der Perk View
Autonomous Drone Inspections using AirSim and PX4 Guada Casuso, Paul Stubbs View
PX4 and FAA Type Certification Chris Anderson View
HoverGames Challenge 2 Iain Galloway View
SmartWings - Active Turbulence Suppression for Aircraft Andras Galffy View
UAVCAN for drones Pavel Kirienko View
The cybersecurity status of PX4 Víctor Mayoral Vilches ViewView
Autonomous Exploration Path Planning in High-risk Environments using Aerial Robots Tung Dang View
PX4, a drone competition, an octocopter, and a bunch of high schoolers. What could go wrong? Kai Gottschalk, Kalyan Sriram, Vincent Wang, Justin Park, Ishan Duriseti, Marie Lee, Sungje Park View
What does it take to fly the PX4 stack on a certified aircraft? Gokul Krishna Srinivasan View
PX4: Contributing to Docs Hamish Willee View
PX4 State Estimation 2021 Update Paul Riseborough ViewView

The PX4 Ecosystem @ Virtual Summit

The PX4 Autopilot is the most widely adopted open-source flight controller. PX4 has a complete ecosystem of components that has been driving industry standards for unmanned vehicles.

Provides full flight control and mission planning for any MAVLink enabled drone. 

Pixhawk open standards provide hardware specifications and guidelines for drone systems.

The library provides a simple API, providing programmatic access to vehicle information and telemetry, and control over missions, movement and other operations.

MAVLink is a very lightweight messaging protocol for communicating with drones (and between onboard drone components).

Open lightweight protocol designed for reliable intravehicular communication

The Robot Operating System (ROS) is a set of software libraries and tools that help you build robot applications.

Speaker Line-up

Ramon Roche


General Manager

Dr. Lorenz Meier


Founder and CEO, Creator of PX4

Iain Galloway


Mobile Robotics Program Lead

Peter Van Der Perk

NXP Semiconductors

Embedded Software Engineer

Guada Casuso


Principal Product Manager Autonomous systems

Ratnesh Madaan


Research Software Development Engineer

Paul Stubbs


Principal Program Manager

Yang Zhang



Tully Foote

Open Robotics

ROS Platform Manager

 We are excited to have the event completely FREE this year, made possible thanks to Dronecode members sponsoring the event.

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