As unveiled by the Dronecode Foundation earlier today, the registration for the PX4 Developer Summit on September 14-15 is now open. With a massive early-bird discount ($10 Tickets), free registrations for academia (thanks to our sponsors), and a financial aid program, we hope the whole community can join us.

But that’s not the only way to participate. We are also opening the CFP (Call for Proposals). Every speaker will receive a complimentary conference pass. As well as the opportunity to speak directly to thousands of developers from our community.

Please visit the official website of the event for the latest information.

The Program Committee

This year, the committee is formed by members of the Dronecode Foundation staff, the board of directors, PX4 Maintainers, and the Top Sponsors of the event. The committee will decide which submissions will be part of this year’s event, helping select which talks fit each track from the schedule, defining the central theme for the event.

The committee is formed by

  • Jinger Zeng, Dronecode Foundation, Community Manager
  • Ramón Roche, Dronecode Foundation, Program Manager
  • Dr. Lorenz Meier, Dronecode Foundation, Chairman
  • Daniel Agar, TSC Chairman
  • Kevin Sartori, Auterion Co-Founder, Dronecode Platinum Director
  • Paul Stubs, Director AI Marketing, Autonomous Systems at Microsoft, Dronecode Gold Director
  • Members of the PX4 Maintainers Team and Top Contributors (five-already confirmed)
  • Sponsors from the Visionary Package (to be defined)
  • Sponsors from the Champion Package (to be defined)

Call for Proposals

We call for every member of our community who would like to share their latest projects with us to submit a proposal. The program schedule for this year’s event is a multi-track format. We are looking for 30 and 15-minute talks in any of the standard formats. 

We are looking for content related to our ecosystem, but we are also open to exploring new opportunities. The Program Committee will review every application in detail and guarantee the final scheduled program is up to par with the quality you have come to expect out of the PX4 Developer Summit.

We would like to see what you are currently working on, what extraordinary use cases you are exploring, or what tools you have developed to improve your developer experience. This is primarily a developer conference, and we expect to see a high degree of technical content. But we will also accept any meta discussions or talks on open source and open standard development, particularly when it comes to improving our current processes and practices.

Suggested Topics/Track Focus

  • PX4 Autopilot
  • QGroundControl
  • MAVLink
  • Pixhawk
  • ROS
  • Other Drone or Robotics Open Source technologies
  • Computer Vision, VIO, Obstacle Avoidance
  • Offboard control
  • Simulation
  • State Estimation
  • Hardware integration
  • AI / ML
  • Deep Learning
  • Cloud / Edge

The Call for Proposals ends on July 23rd. The Program Committee will review every application and publish the final schedule on August 16th. You can learn more about the CFP and submit your proposal on the event website.

For more information about the event, please visit the event website or the announcement from the Dronecode Foundation.